Greg Kagay

French in Action

Sustaining a Cultural Treasure

Entertaining, Effective, Endearing

Thinking about studying french? Want to revisit the language after a hiatus? It would be difficult to recommend a more entertaining and effective french language learning program than French in Action.

A fun, comprehensive program for learning french

Why this site dedicated to French in Action ?

I love this great french language learning program and am trying to help sustain it. I enjoyed watching French in Action on PBS in the 1980s. Much later, I followed the complete French in Action program to kick off my french language study hobby, which I continue to pursue actively today. What a great curriculum. I continually encounter words, phrases and circumstances that I first learned from French in Action.

This web page helps users confidently gather all the materials required to get the most out of this cultural treasure. Otherwise, accessing the study materials can be complicated because so many different editions have been released over the years. Do you need the most current editions? No, not necessarily.

Includes Several Helpful Teaching Methods

What's missing? The only thing missing is person-to-person conversation, but this is a great program to prepare you for that next step.


Course Summary

The complete French in Action franchise is a remarkable resource for students of french. Not only is it effective, but also well-conceived, comprehensive, and finely executed. Conceptualizing such an all-encompassing program alone is impressive, but actually producing and distributing it is remarkable.

Study Materials

The heart of the French in Action program is the entertaining video library, hosted online. Viewing them is free. Meanwhile, to fully embrace the program students will need to purchase the printed materials The most up-to-date editions are available new and most all versions are available in used bookstores. Use this guide to navigate all of the materials and editions available. My aim is for it to help you choose the best edition for you.

Learn French in the 1980's?

Made in the 1980's, this program is very charming and captures France of that time very well. Some might say it is dated, but I love the unmistakably 1980's-accurate fashions and automobiles. Importantly, the program presents much more than french culture in that decade, it emphasizes french history and culture through the centuries.

A Comprehensive Learning System

French in Action is a comprehensive program with media to support the videos including texts, workbooks and audio CDs. Find links to acquire all of them here.

The charming videos (free to users in the U.S. and Canada) are entertaining and will doubtless impart some knowledge on their own (without viewers also studying the other materials). But for anyone desiring to converse in french, working through the separate audio material, text books, and workbooks, is critical. And fun.