Greg Kagay

French in Action


Image: Cover of French in Action Textbook
While the two-part Third Edition Textbook is excellent the Second Edition all-in-one example is slightly more charming

Informative and Entertaining

The French in Action textbook complements the program's video learning with both supporting material and incremental information. Amusing illustrations and other content are extremely entertaining and endearing in their own right.

For those following the program serially, chapter by chapter, you will not need to buy Part II until you approach the end of Part I.

Which Edition is Best?

Which edition you choose is not critical. The later editions are most readily available at retail. The second edition has almost all the material as the third edition, fills in gaps of the first edition, and may be the most readily available from used-book retailers; it is my favorite. The first edition is rather scrawny and looks incomplete compared to the later editions.