Greg Kagay

French in Action


Image: Cover of French in Action Workbook
Best to acquire a clean workbook, without someone else's answers in the blanks.


Working through the French in Action workbook reinforces the material covered in the textbook, video and audio programs. This reinforcement helps the user begin to master the material. Whereas the video episodes are fun to watch, and the amusing textbook is fun to read, working through the workbook is more like homework. But it is very important homework.

Using the Workbook

I strongly recommend working through the lessons, one-by-one, according to the instructions in the Introduction to the workbook: Watch the video, listen to the "text work-up", complete the chapter in the workbook, and then revisit the textbook.

Buy a Clean Workbook

The material in the workbook is important, but the workbook itself is not published for archiving; it is published for use. As such, you might easily find a used copy available from a used book retailer with another person's answers littering it. I recommend avoiding such copies. Look for good clean versions (of Part I and II) that nobody has spoiled. (Taking it the next step, I worked through mine using scratch paper, instead of filling in the provided blanks. My copies therefore remain reusable without giving away the answers.)